Guiding you through your spiritual awakening

Inspiring you to awaken to your purpose so that you feel empowered to live a fulfilling life aligned with your deepest aspirations, goals and values.

Welcome to a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. I'm here to guide you as an intuitive healer and coach, helping you find your inner light and unleash your true potential.

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"I can help you find your life's purpose or break free from societal expectations. I offer a safe and nurturing space for your personal growth. Through intuitive guidance and coaching, we'll tap into your inner wisdom, unlocking the power within you to create a life of fulfilment and alignment."

How I can help you with your journey


Holistic Mentoring & Coaching

Spiritual mentoring is a journey of self discovery, empowerment and awakening to your true purpose. It is a dynamic, transformative process that honors your unique path.

Spiritual Healing & Intuitive Readings with Stacey

As an intuitive energy healer, I offer different holistic healing modalities to help you turn your pain into purpose and make sense of your healing journey. 

Find out more below about the services I offer, including Spiritual Mentoring, Akashic Record Reading and Intuitive Oracle Card Readings.

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Journey to Soul Center: Discovering the Gift of Surrender

Join me on my journey of self discovery from family trauma and pain as I turn pain into purpose. Each chapter offers a life lesson and journal prompt. My hope is that as you work through each chapter you will find the answers you have been looking for within yourself.

Join Us In Our Journey

As we embark on a profound exploration of human experience, delving into the depths of consciousness, soul evolution and the awakening process. 


Meet Stacey… Your Personal Trainer For The Soul. Helping you discover your life’s purpose through actionable steps to create the life you desire

I spent nearly two decades in the beauty industry putting my hands on people and sensing what they were going through. I pursued using these gifts and abilities quietly for many years until a major family trauma changed everything. It opened me up to some of the most powerful spiritual encounters. I felt more than ever that I was meant to help clients in an even bigger way. Along with my intuitive abilities and reiki practitioner certification , I pursued my Life Purpose Life coaching certification so that I can support you through your own spiritual awakening. 


I now dedicate my life to those on their own healing journey through intuitive and akashic record readings, coaching, mentorship and a widely successful podcast called “Spiritual Journey: Path to Awakening” with my co host and friend Nimesh Radia


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